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Subfloor/Warm Floor

Does your facility have a functioning subfloor heating system?  Have you checked to make sure it is working properly?  Many heaving issues stem from this very problem... Learn more by clicking below!

What System is Right for You? 

Whats is best for your rink?  When choosing the right ice rink system for your arena, understanding your local environmental options is critical.  Ice rink system designs can draw from different industries and technologies.

Rink Dimensions 

Needing to paint your rink?  We have all the standard rink dimensions for your rink surface!  Click below to see our detailed file.

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

For our private facilities out there, learn more from our conversation with a CPA about the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and the details associated.  Important tips and advice to help your arena succeed!

Frost Removal

A common problem among the ice rink world is frost build up under the sub floor.  This is caused by a non-working or non existent sub-floor system.  Issues can cause uneven floors, dasher board breaks and subfloor leaks.

Subfloor Frost

A subfloor heating system is vital to combat subfloor frost and eventual heave.  Have you checked your subfloor recently?  Is it working?  Learn more about subfloor frost and the effects it can have on your rink!

Flow Rate

The rate  at which the coolant runs through your system is largely important.  A Smooth flowing state of coolant is optimal when trying to be as efficient as possible with your chiller and floor!

Thinking About Building a Rink?

Are you thinking about building a rink?  We have the ability to make your dreams a reality by creating designs to fully construct the rink from the bottom up!

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HDPE Heat Fusion

Modern ice rink floor are built using high density polyethylene pip, fitting and tube.  The pipe, fitting and tube are all connected by a process called heat fusion.  Learn more about heat fusion by clicking on the picture to the right!

Rink Floor Insulation

Insulation is a key part to an ice rink floor.  Follow along with our insulation process and understand the important aspects in laying our insulation!

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