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Wheeling, West Virginia

Built in 1962, Wheeling Park’s Memorial Ice Rink has played host to countless events throughout the decades from hockey tournaments and figure skating classes.  American Arena teamed with local demo contractors and product vendors to keep as much as possible of the project local.  With the ice arena parking lot being used for the area COVID testing, we stayed with our safety protocols and our guys delivered an amazing new floor highlighted with the pour on June 26th.  Next up: 14 day wet cure, 28 day total cure, new dashers installed, new floor pumps, a change from calcium chloride to Ethelene glycol, we fire up the chiller and lets skate!  

Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico

In Taos Ski Valley the brand new Ice Rink located at the bottom of the ski hill will be a fun one to visit.  This out door winter time rink will be set to hold all sorts of recreational skating for years to come.  Current progress has been made with the assembly of the dasher boards as they have been precisely cut measured and drilled for the rinks specific needs!  More updates to come!

Hoffman Estates, Illinois

We are back again.  In 2019 we completed a complete frost removal, floor removal, replaced a structural slab, installed a sub soil drainage system and installed a new warm and cold floor along with removing, repairing and replacing the existing dasher system.  And now we are back again to do the same thing for rink #2.  

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