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Our Story


American Arena is an expression of our growth in the industry.  Starting as Minnesota Ice, we quickly became an industry leader in ice rink floor construction.  We've also installed a wide range of ice rink chillers from an assortment of manufacturers. Additionally, we have installed temporary ice rinks every year since we started. That dovetails nicely with our frost remediation work. Owners and general contractors asked us to do more, so we responded and as a result, our business continued to grow.  Calling on our experience and knowledge, our scope expanded to include design.  Next, we added a full range of dasher board options filling a void in the marketplace that allowed us to control more of the construction process.  Today, we offer a broad range of chiller solutions including Ammonia and F-gas and an industry leading controls system.  Chiller, Dasher, and Header manufacturing is performed in house so we can control the construction process and give you a “One Stop Shop” for all of your ice arena needs.  The transformation is complete!  Design, Floor Construction, Mechanical Systems, and Accessories.  We started as Minnesota Ice and now we are much more than Minnesota, we are American.  American Arena.      

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