Maintenance Programs

Dasher Board Maintenance Program

American Arena's Dasher Board Maintenance program will keep your rink safe and strong every year. 


Our annual maintenance program includes:

     - Glass and stanchion inspection and repairs

     - Inspection of facing, kickplate, and cap rail. 

     - Tighten lose screws, replace rusty screws and hardware

     - Inspect backing, posts, and concrete anchors. 

     - Realign panels that are out of of place or causing gaps

     - Fixing and adjusting all doors and gate hardware. 

     - Inspect and adjust resurfacer doors. 

Annual Price: $6,000

Hockey Goal Maintenance Program

American Arena's Hockey Goal Maintenance Program will get your goals looking new and professional for every season.  


Our hockey goal maintenance program includes:

     - Removal of existing new and pads

     - Prep frames for new paint 

     - Repaint frames where needed

     - Provide and install new nets

     - Provide and install new net skirt 

     - Provide and install new goal pads


Annual Price: $1,700  ($900 with Dasher Board Maintenance Program) 

buchmuller tinted.png

Dasher Board Refacing Package

Our dasher board refacing package includes:
     - Removal of existing dasher facing and kickplate
     - Disposal of existing dasher facing and kickplate 
     - Install new poly facing and poly kickplate
     - 1/2” poly facing included
     - 1/2” kickplate color can be yellow, gold, or light blue
     - Replace existing fasteners and hardware for facing and            kickplate

Package Price: $35,413.79